TV Schedule of Child Actress Appearances

Below are movies and tv shows featuring child and young actresses airing this week. List doesn't include everything. Times are based on Pacific DirecTV scheduling, check times locally. One showing of films airing multiple times are listed. Repeats of TV series are not listed. List is updated every Friday.

February 24th - March 5th DirecTV (Pacific)
Date Actress Title Channel Est Time
Friday 2/24 Alyson StonerL Mumy / M York  Cheaper by the Dozen 2 Starz 2:35am
Friday 2/24 Taylor Geare / Jadin Gould Tall Hot Blonde LMN 3am
Friday 2/24 Kylie Rogers / Hannah Alligood Miracles From Heaven Starz Kids 3:08am
Friday 2/24 Brooke Shields Wanda Nevada MGM 6:50am
Friday 2/24 Lindsey Haun / Trishalee Hardy Village of the Damned 5 Star Max 7:15am
Friday 2/24 Erica Gluck  Mirrors Thriller Max 7:30am
Friday 2/24 Emma RobertsJoanna Levesque Aquamarine Starz Kids 12:06pm
Friday 2/24 Camilla Belle Invisible Circus Enc Suspense 12:23pm
Friday 2/24 Raquel Castro Jersey Girl Flix 1:30pm
Friday 2/24 Lauren Lindsey Donzis Liv & Maddie: Big Break Disney 2:30pm
Friday 2/24 Elle Fanning Super 8 FX Movies 2:30pm
Friday 2/24 Skai Jackson / Peyton List Bunk'd: Food Fight Disney 3pm
Friday 2/24 Jenna Ortega / Ariana Greenblatt Stuck in the Middle: Slushy War Disney 5pm
Friday 2/24 Quinn McColgan Extinction Encore Action 8:07pm
Friday 2/24 Rebeka Rea Emerald City: The Villain NBC 9pm
Saturday 2/25 Georgie Henley Chronicles of Narnia, The Freeform 4am
Saturday 2/25 Gennie James Places In The Heart HDNET Movies 8:55am
Saturday 2/25 Nicole Munoz Perfect Child LMN 9am
Saturday 2/25 Sarah Rose Karr Beethoven's 2nd Encore Family 11:48am
Saturday 2/25 Willow Shields / Amandla Stenberg Hunger Games, The Freeform 12:10pm
Saturday 2/25 Maya Le Clark / Addison Riecke The Thundermans: Ditch Perfect Nickelodeon 5pm
Saturday 2/25 Elle Fanning  Somewhere Starz Cinema 5:20pm
Saturday 2/25 Cree Cicchino / Madisyn Shipman Game Shakers: Wedding Shower Nickelodeon 5:30pm
Saturday 2/25 Natasha Calis / Madison Davenport Possession, The Chiller 6pm
Saturday 2/25 Natasha Ryan Amityville Horror, The Enc Suspense 6pm
Saturday 2/25 Stephi Lineburg Blown Away Flix 9pm
Saturday 2/25 Gracie Whitton / Ava Kolker  Scary Movie 5 Comedy 10:10pm
Saturday 2/25 Suzi Hofrichter  How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog Starz Cinema 11:19pm
Saturday 2/25 Mara Wilson Matilda TBS 11:33pm
Saturday 2/25 Eva Sayer / Rafiella Brooks Children, The Action Max 11:40pm
Saturday 2/25 Gaby Hoffmann This Is My Life Starz Kids 11:48pm
Sunday 2/26 Rhiannon Leigh Wryn Last Mimzy, The HBO Family 1:20am
Sunday 2/26 Aria Wallace Perfect Man, The Encore Family 1:38am
Sunday 2/26 Jodelle Ferland / Taya Calicetto Case 39 Universal HD 4am
Sunday 2/26 Kate Maberly Secret Garden, The HBO Family 8am
Sunday 2/26 M Trachtenberg / C Sullivan  Harriet The Spy Encore Family 9:36am
Sunday 2/26 Emma Watson / Bonnie Wright Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix Cinemax 10:55am
Sunday 2/26 Hilary Duff Agent Cody Banks Starz Kids 10:58am
Sunday 2/26 Elva Josephson / Leff Blue Lagoon, The / Part 1 SONY 4pm
Sunday 2/26 Brooke Shields  Blue Lagoon, The / Part 2 SONY 4pm
Sunday 2/26 Dakota Fanning Push IFC 5pm
Sunday 2/26 Sophie Guest Fault In Our Stars, The FX Movies 5pm
Sunday 2/26 A Cooper / G Shinyei / K Roach When Calls the Heart: Heart of Truth Hallmark 6pm
Sunday 2/26 Darby Camp / Ivy George Big Little Lies: Serious Mothering HBO 6pm
Sunday 2/26 Skye McCole Bartusiak Boogeyman Enc Suspense 6pm
Sunday 2/26 AnnaSophia Robb / Sabrina Junius Reaping, The HBO Signature 10:50pm
Monday 2/27 Kirsten Dunst Interview With The Vampire HBO 1:05am
Monday 2/27 A Robb / C Jines / E Fanning Because of Winn-Dixie Starz Comedy 2:44am
Monday 2/27 Alexa Vega Deep End of the Ocean Starz Black 4:17am
Monday 2/27 Millie Davis / Anna Cathcart Odd Squad (M-F) PBS 6:30am
Monday 2/27 Quinn Cummings Babysitter, The MGM 6:55am
Monday 2/27 Ashlyn Sanchez  Happening, The HBO 2 6:55am
Monday 2/27 Eva Kellner / Brynne Norquist Every Secret Thing Starz Cinema 7:27am
Monday 2/27 Raffey Cassidy / Tallulah Evans Molly Moon & the Book of Hypnotism Show Beyond 7:45am
Monday 2/27 Ambrosia Kelley Kill Bill: Volume 1 Starz 8:53am
Monday 2/27 Harley Graham Culling, The Show Beyond 9:30am
Monday 2/27 Sterling Jerins / Claire Geare No Escape TMC 10:10am
Monday 2/27 Amber Scott Hook Ovation 10:30am
Monday 2/27 Madison Pettis Game Plan, The Encore Classic 10:33am
Monday 2/27 Alyvia Alyn Lind / McKenna Roberts Young & the Restless (M-F) CBS 11am
Monday 2/27 Zelda Harris  Crooklyn HBO 12:15pm
Monday 2/27 Scarlett Fernandez / Brooklyn Silzer General Hospital (M-F) ABC 1pm
Monday 2/27 Madeline O'Brien Gone Baby Gone Starz Cinema 1:01pm
Monday 2/27 Oona Laurence Southpaw Showtime 3 1:15pm
Monday 2/27 Madison Wolfe / Sterling Jerins Conjuring 2, The Action Max 2:55pm
Monday 2/27 Abigail Breslin / Sofia Vassilieva My Sister's Keeper Lifetime 3pm
Monday 2/27 Heather O'Rourke  Poltergeist 2: The Other Side Chiller 4pm
Monday 2/27 Alexandra Kyle Time to Kill, A Universal HD 6pm
Monday 2/27 Heather O'Rourke  Poltergeist III Chiller 6pm
Monday 2/27 Makenzie Vega Saw Showtime Next 6:40pm
Monday 2/27 Hala Finley / Grace Kaufman Man With a Plan: Assisted Living CBS 8:30pm
Monday 2/27 Mischa Barton Sixth Sense, The HBO Family 8:40pm
Monday 2/27 Hannah Alligood / Meg Crosbie Paper Towns Movie Max 8:40pm
Monday 2/27 Dakota Fanning Man on Fire AMC 9pm
Monday 2/27 Hailey Anne Nelson / Miley Cyrus Big Fish Starz Kids 10:12pm
Monday 2/27 Abigail Breslin Signs Encore 11:59pm
Tuesday 2/28 Abigail Breslin / Darian O'Rear  Zombieland AMC 1am
Tuesday 2/28 Renee Olstead End of Days Cinemax 1am
Tuesday 2/28 Perla Haney-Jardine Kill Bill: Volume 2 Starz 1:02am
Tuesday 2/28 Lila Bata-Walsh American Haunting, An HBO Z 3:40am
Tuesday 2/28 Sarah Rose Karr / Nicholle Tom Beethoven Encore Classic 5:02am
Tuesday 2/28 Chloe Grace Moretz Let Me In Syfy 6am
Tuesday 2/28 Taylor Momsen / Landry Allbright How the Grinch Stole Christmas HBO Family 8am
Tuesday 2/28 Raffey Cassidy / Shiloh Nelson Tomorrowland Starz Kids 8:55am
Tuesday 2/28 Abby Ryder Fortson Ant-Man Starz 9am
Tuesday 2/28 Hayden Panettiere Racing Stripes HBO Family 11:15am
Tuesday 2/28 Carly Adams Emelie Thriller Max 2:35pm
Tuesday 2/28 Abigail Breslin  No Reservations Cinemax 3:15pm
Tuesday 2/28 Ella Anderson / Morgan Hinkleman  Boss, The HBO 2 3:20pm
Tuesday 2/28 Giselle Eisenberg  Sex Tape FX Movies 5pm
Tuesday 2/28 G Johnston / M Bialik / M Leeds Beaches FYI 5pm
Tuesday 2/28 Nicole Munoz / Jianna Ballard  Tooth Fairy, The Chiller 6pm
Tuesday 2/28 Ashley Gerasimovich The Detour: The Tub TBS 7pm
Tuesday 2/28 Kirsten Dunst Jumanji Syfy 7pm
Tuesday 2/28 Ariel Gade / Perla Haney-Jardine Dark Water More Max 7:50pm
Tuesday 2/28 Abigail Breslin  Definitely, Maybe HBO Comedy 9:15pm
Wednesday 3/1 Alisan Porter Curly Sue HDNET Movies 3am
Wednesday 3/1 Liliana MumyAbigail Breslin Santa Clause 3, The Encore Family 3:37am
Wednesday 3/1 Trini Alvarado Rich Kids MGM 5:20am
Wednesday 3/1 Alexandra Kyle Eye for an Eye Encore Black 5:28am
Wednesday 3/1 AnnaSophia Robb / Bailee Madison Bridge to Terabithia Starz 6:14am
Wednesday 3/1 Emma Fuhrmann Lost in the Sun Showtime Next 7:20am
Wednesday 3/1 Jodelle Ferland Silent Hill Enc Suspense 11:48am
Wednesday 3/1 Kylie Rogers / Quvenzhane Wallis Fathers and Daughters Starz Black 12:50pm
Wednesday 3/1 Destiny Whitlock / Nicole Munoz Tooth Fairy CMT 5pm
Wednesday 3/1 Emma Roberts  Hotel for Dogs HBO Family 7:15pm
Wednesday 3/1 Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Modern Family: Finding Fizbo ABC 8:30pm
Wednesday 3/1 Landry Bender Sitter, The FX Movies 11pm
Wednesday 3/1 Sophie Nelisse Book Thief, The AMC 11pm
Wednesday 3/1 Kennedi Clements Poltergeist HBO Z 11:05pm
Thursday 3/2 Makenzie Moss / Ripley Sobo Steve Jobs HBO 2:10am
Thursday 3/2 Ruby Jerins Shutter Island Syfy 6:30am
Thursday 3/2 Kira Posey / Gretchen Esau Hit and Run LMN 7am
Thursday 3/2 Mackenzie Foy Wish You Well Starz Kids 11:56am
Thursday 3/2 Isabella Crovetti-Cramp Colony: Good Intentions USA 7pm
Thursday 3/2 Chloe Moretz / Isabel Conner Amityville Horror, The 5 Star Max 8:05pm
Friday 3/3 Jenny LewisKellie Martin Troop Beverly Hills Encore Family 12:26am
Friday 3/3 Abigail Breslin  Nim's Island HBO Family 9:55am
Friday 3/3 Emma Watson / Bonnie Wright Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone Freeform 12:30pm
Friday 3/3 Chloe Grace Moretz Texas Killing Fields Enc Suspense 2:13pm
Friday 3/3 Lauren Lindsey Donzis Liv & Maddie: Sing It Live!!! Disney 2:30pm
Friday 3/3 Skai Jackson / Peyton List Bunk'd: Mother May I? Disney 3pm
Friday 3/3 Jenna Ortega / Ariana Greenblatt Stuck in the Middle: Garage Sale Disney 5pm
Friday 3/3 Rebeka Rea Emerald City: No Place Like Home NBC 9pm
Saturday 3/4 China McClain Daddy's Little Girls TBS 4am
Saturday 3/4 Alexa Vega Spy Kids Showtime 2 4:30am
Saturday 3/4 Nikki Hahn / Mallory Mahoney Adventures in Babysitting Disney 9am
Saturday 3/4 Tiffany Taubman Nowhere To Run HDNET Movies 11:05am
Saturday 3/4 Dakota Fanning Uptown Girls Starz Comedy 12:01pm
Saturday 3/4 Joey King Crazy, Stupid, Love Bravo 4:30pm
Saturday 3/4 Maya Le Clark / Addison Riecke The Thundermans: Z-Force Nickelodeon 5pm
Saturday 3/4 Cree Cicchino / Madisyn Shipman Game Shakers: Bears, Butts & Lasers Nickelodeon 5:30pm
Saturday 3/4 Emma Watson / Bonnie Wright Harry Potter: Half-Blood Prince Freeform 6pm
Saturday 3/4 Alyssa Milano Commando Encore 6pm
Saturday 3/4 Samantha Bailey Good Mother, The LMN 7pm
Saturday 3/4 Talitha Bateman Fifth Wave, The Starz Kids 11:42pm
Sunday 3/5 Christina Vidal / Others Life With Mikey HBO Comedy 1:45am
Sunday 3/5 Chloe Grace Moretz  Kick-Ass IFC 3:30am
Sunday 3/5 Fiona Perry / Olivia Stuck Princess and the Pony, The Starz Kids 8:11am
Sunday 3/5 Emma Watson Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 1 Freeform 2:30pm
Sunday 3/5 A Cooper / G Shinyei / K Roach When Calls the Heart: Community Hallmark 6pm
Sunday 3/5 Darby Camp / Ivy George Big Little Lies: Living the Dream HBO 6pm
Sunday 3/5 Georgie Henley Chronicles of Narnia, The: Prince Caspian Syfy 8pm

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