TV Schedule of Child Actress Appearances

Below are movies and tv shows featuring child and young actresses airing this week. List doesn't include everything. Times are based on Pacific DirecTV scheduling, check times locally. One showing of films airing multiple times are listed. Repeats of TV series are not listed. List is updated every Saturday/Sunday.

June 16th - 25th DirecTV (Pacific)
Date Actress Title Channel Est Time
Friday 6/16 Emma Roberts / Joanna Levesque Aquamarine Starz Kids 1:57am
Friday 6/16 Morgan Lily  Henry Poole Is Here Starz Cinema 5:37am
Friday 6/16 Imogen Tear / Hannah Cheramy My Sweet Audrina LMN 9am
Friday 6/16 Jena Malone Stepmom Sundance 9am
Friday 6/16 Dakota Fanning Cat in the Hat, The Cartoon Network 11:15am
Friday 6/16 Suzi Hofrichter  How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog Starz Cinema 3:29pm
Friday 6/16 Jenna Ortega / Ariana Greenblatt Stuck in the Middle: Dancing with Dad Disney 5pm
Friday 6/16 Hatty Jones / Others Madeline BYU 6pm
Friday 6/16 N Hahn / M Mahoney / M Horcher Adventures in Babysitting Disney 7pm
Friday 6/16 Summer Fontana The Originals: Voodoo Child CW 8pm
Friday 6/16 A Stoner / L Mumy / M York Cheaper by the Dozen CMT 8pm
Friday 6/16 Jamie Renee Smith Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering Enc Suspense 9:22pm
Friday 6/16 Aria Wallace Perfect Man, The Encore Family 10:26pm
Friday 6/16 Quvenzhane Wallis / Others Beasts of the Southern Wild FX Movies 10:30pm
Friday 6/16 Abby Ryder Fortson Ant-Man Starz Kids 10:37pm
Saturday 6/17 Avery Kristen Pohl Expecting Amish LMN 3am
Saturday 6/17 Florence Hoath Innocent Lies MGM 4:30am
Saturday 6/17 Bailee Madison / Madison Lintz Parental Guidance FXX 7am
Saturday 6/17 Joey King  Elevator Girl Hallmark 8am
Saturday 6/17 Nicole Munoz / Jianna Ballard  Tooth Fairy, The Chiller 2pm
Saturday 6/17 M Wolfe / S Jerins / E Tasker Conjuring 2, The HBO 4:45pm
Saturday 6/17 Maya Le Clark / Addison Riecke The Thundermans: Come What Hayhem Nickelodeon 5pm
Saturday 6/17 Lizzy Greene / Kyla Drew Simmons NRD&Dawn: Quadpendence Day Nickelodeon 5:30pm
Saturday 6/17 Dakota Fanning / Molly Kallins Hide and Seek Audience 7pm
Sunday 6/18 Kiernan Shipka / Ava Telek Flowers in the Attic LMN 3am
Sunday 6/18 Aislyn Watson / Genea Charpentier Run For Your Life LMN 11am
Sunday 6/18 Sophie Guest  Good Nanny, The Lifetime 7:02pm
Sunday 6/18 Kylie Rogers / Hannah Alligood Miracles From Heaven Starz Black 12pm
Sunday 6/18 Rhiannon Leigh Wryn Last Mimzy, The HBO Family 2:20pm
Sunday 6/18 Kylie Rogers / Quvenzhane Wallis  Fathers and Daughters Starz Cinema 7pm
Sunday 6/18 Mara Wilson / Lisa Jakub Mrs. Doubtfire Discovery Fam 8pm
Sunday 6/18 Gaby Hoffmann Uncle Buck Encore 9:27pm
Sunday 6/18 Christina Vidal / Others Life With Mikey HBO Family 9:40pm
Monday 6/19 Kate Maberly Secret Garden, The HBO Family 1:15am
Monday 6/19 Aimee Lynne Johnson / Ruby Jones Christmas Dragon, The Starz Kids 1:36am
Monday 6/19 Grace Johnston / Mayim Bialik Beaches Showtime 2 1:50am
Monday 6/19 Dakota Fanning Uptown Girls Starz Comedy 5:24am
Monday 6/19 Chloe Grace Moretz  Kick-Ass IFC 6:15am
Monday 6/19 Raffey Cassidy / Shiloh Nelson Tomorrowland Starz Kids 9:45am
Monday 6/19 Oona Laurence Southpaw Show Extreme 9:55am
Monday 6/19 Mika Boorem Mighty Joe Young TMC 11am
Monday 6/19 Alyvia Alyn Lind / McKenna Roberts Young & the Restless (M-F) CBS 11am
Monday 6/19 Madison Pettis Game Plan, The Starz Kids 11:49am
Monday 6/19 Alexandra Kyle Eye for an Eye Enc Suspense 12:12pm
Monday 6/19 Scarlett Fernandez / Brooklyn Silzer General Hospital (M-F) ABC 1pm
Monday 6/19 Linda Blair Exorcist, The Cinemax 1:10pm
Monday 6/19 Alyssa Milano Commando Encore Classic 2:27pm
Monday 6/19 Dalila Bela / Millie Davis Odd Squad (M-F) PBS 4pm
Monday 6/19 Alexandra Kyle Time to Kill, A HDNET 7:05pm
Monday 6/19 Dakota Fanning Trapped More Max 9:40pm
Monday 6/19 Makenzie Moss / Ripley Sobo  Steve Jobs More Max 11:30pm
Tuesday 6/20 Madeline Zima Hand That Rocks The Cradle Thriller Max 12:10am
Tuesday 6/20 Savanna Kylie Lewis / Brianna Pattison Elizabeth's Gift UP 1:30am
Tuesday 6/20 Natasha Calis Gone LMN 3am
Tuesday 6/20 Alisan Porter / Ivyann Schwan Parenthood HBO Comedy 4:55am
Tuesday 6/20 Hannah Alligood / Meg Crosbie Paper Towns Action Max 5:35am
Tuesday 6/20 Blake Baumgartner / Sophie Guest Love the Coopers Showtime 7:05am
Tuesday 6/20 Halle Nunes S is for Bird SHORTS 11:31am
Tuesday 6/20 Kyla Kenedy Raising Izzie Aspire 12pm
Tuesday 6/20 Pixie Davies / Raffiella Chapman M Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children HBO Signature 1:25pm
Tuesday 6/20 Talitha Bateman Fifth Wave, The Starz Kids 5pm
Tuesday 6/20 Oona Laurence Bad Moms Showtime 2 6:15pm
Tuesday 6/20 Ariel Gade / Perla Haney-Jardine Dark Water More Max 7:35pm
Wednesday 6/21 Olivia Moss / Makenzie Moss 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity IFC 1:15am
Wednesday 6/21 Raffey Cassidy / Tallulah Evans Molly Moon & Book of Hypnotism Show Beyond 7:45am
Wednesday 6/21 Erica Gluck Mirrors Thriller Max 7:45am
Wednesday 6/21 Jenny Lewis / K Martin / T Spelling Troop Beverly Hills Starz Kids 9:24am
Wednesday 6/21 Jaeda Lily Miller / Others Love Under the Stars Hallmark Movies 4pm
Wednesday 6/21 Isabella Cramp / Madison Wolfe Joy 5 Star Max 6pm
Thursday 6/22 Alyson StonerL Mumy / M York  Cheaper by the Dozen 2 Starz Kids 3:24am
Thursday 6/22 Michaela Gallo / Kaleigh Krish Beethoven's 4th Encore Family 4:14am
Thursday 6/22 Ambrosia Kelley Kill Bill: Volume 1 Starz 7:18am
Thursday 6/22 Heather O'Rourke  Poltergeist 2: The Other Side Flix 8:30am
Thursday 6/22 Molly Jepson / Others Daddy Day Camp Ovation 2pm
Thursday 6/22 Maggie Jones / Elle Fanning We Bought a Zoo FX Movies 4:30pm
Thursday 6/22 Morgan Brittany / Ann Jillian Gypsy TCM 5pm
Friday 6/23 Gaby Hoffmann This Is My Life Starz Comedy 1:18am
Friday 6/23 Elle Fanning / Madisen Beaty Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Syfy 7:30am
Friday 6/23 Abigail Breslin  Definitely, Maybe Movie Max 9:15am
Friday 6/23 Liliana Mumy / Abigail Breslin Santa Clause 3, The Starz Kids 11:56am
Friday 6/23 Emma Watson / Bonnie Wright Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone Freeform 12:30pm
Friday 6/23 Joey King Crazy, Stupid, Love Bravo 3pm
Friday 6/23 Jenna Ortega / Ariana Greenblatt Stuck in the Middle: Gold Medal Disney 5pm
Friday 6/23 Makenzie Vega Saw ELREY 5pm
Friday 6/23 Dakota Fanning Man on Fire VICE 6pm
Friday 6/23 M Ford / S Hanratty / Adair Tishler  Within HBO 2 8:15pm
Friday 6/23 Mara Hobel Mommie Dearest Ovation 10pm
Saturday 6/24 Amber Scott Hook Syfy 7am
Saturday 6/24 Ella Anderson Boss, The HBO Comedy 8:10am
Saturday 6/24 AnnaSophia Robb / Bailee Madison Bridge to Terabithia Syfy 12:38pm
Saturday 6/24 Maya Le Clark / Addison Riecke The Thundermans: Thunder in Paradise Nickelodeon 5pm
Saturday 6/24 Emma Hentschel  Mommy's Little Girl Lifetime 5pm
Sunday 6/25 Madeline Carroll When a Stranger Calls SONY 11:10am
Sunday 6/25 Farrah Mackenzie Nanny Cam LMN 1pm
Sunday 6/25 Gennie James Places In The Heart TCM 3pm

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