Alexandra Purvis
Alexandra Purvis

Alexandra Purvis Child Actresses Image Gallery

Taken (2002) (TV)

Marine Life (2000)

Song From The Heart (1999)

"Poltergeist TL: Sabbath's End" (1999) TV Series

"Poltergeist TL: Forget Me Not" (1999) TV Series

"Poltergeist TL: The Initiation" (1999) TV Series

"Poltergeist TL: The Painting" (1999) TV Series

Contagious (1997) (TV)

For Hope (1997) (TV)

"Poltergeist TL: Lullaby" (1997) TV Series

"Poltergeist TL: The Gift" (1997) TV Series

"Poltergeist TL: Revelations" (1996) TV Series

"Poltergeist TL: Doppleganger" (1996) TV Series

Ronnie & Julie (1996)

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (1995) TV

Dangerous Intentions (1995)

Disappearance of Vonnie, The (1994) (TV)