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Roughly Speaking (1945)

Beyond The Blue Horizon (1942)

On The Sunnyside (1942)

King's Row (1942)

Brigham Young (1941)

Private Nurse (1941)

How Green Was My Valley (1941)

Remember The Day (1941)

Badmen Of Missouri (1941)

The Men In Her Life (1941)

Blood And Sand (1941)

Little Orvie (1940)

All This and Heaven Too (1940)

Blue Bird, The (1940)

Granny Get Your Gun (1940)

Destry Rides Again (1939)

Stronger Than Desire (1939)

Zero Hour, The (1939)

Intermezzo (1939)

Zaza (1939)

The above filmography was provided directly by Ann E. Todd herself. Many sources, including the IMDB, confuse the American child-actress Ann E. Todd with the British actress Ann Todd of the same time period. We appreciate Ann's help in sorting out the difference.

You're doing an admirable job. It must be difficult to locate us old codgers.

For people who are interested in "what ever became of. . .," after I left films & TV, I came to UC Berkeley to finish a master's degree in music history that I had begun at UCLA; I have lived here ever since. I had a job teaching music history for 3 years in a college in San Francisco, then was a music librarian at UCB for 21 years, and now have my own publishing company (to be seen at I was married for 38 years and am now widowed, and have two grown children. I like northern California, but I still remember Los Angeles with pleasure. The concert life in the early '50s was amazing--both Stravinsky and Schoenberg were living there at the time. I loved the "Evenings on the Roof" (now "Monday Evening Concerts") in L.A. When I was in my teens, I used to usher for concerts: the L.A. Philharmonic (where I first learned to like Brahms) and the Hollywood Bowl. I was a Gershwin fan and once met Oscar Levant, a high point of my teen years.

Except for my fifteenth year, I never wanted to be an actress--just thought it was something one did. (My grandparents plopped me into the movies when I was about 6, hoping, I supposed, that I would be "another Shirley Temple.") Mu ambition as a child: to be a pilot, like Amelia Earhart. But I loved going on location (as in "Brigham Young") and riding in buckboards and dressing up in clothes from another period--all those things, in fact, that any child would enjoy. Some people in Hollywood (Jose Iturbi, Ingrid Bergman, and John Garfield, among others) were kind to me; but my friends never came from that circle. I became star-struck when I was 15, but that didn't last long. After that, I worked in TV to make my way through UCLA.

I was both startled and touched to see that old photo of me from "Intermezzo." Brings back memories. My birthday, Aug. 26, will see me turn 67, if I get that far. No wonder "Intermezzo" seems so far away and long ago!