Hallee Hirsh

Hallee Hirsh

Hallee Hirsh Child Actresses Image Gallery

"JAG" (2003-03) TV Series

"American Embassy: Pilot" (2002) (TV)

My Sister's Keeper (2002) (TV)

"Emma Brody" (2001) TV Series

Gene Pool (2001) (TV)

Taking Back Our Town (2001) (TV)

"ER" (2001) TV Series

"Family Law: Obligations" (2001) TV Series

"Judging Amy: Dog Days" (2001) TV Series

Ultimate Christmas Present, The (2000)

Manna From Heaven (2000)

"Malcolm In Middle: Traffic Jam" (2000) TV Series

"Judging Amy: Shaken, Not Stirred" (2000) TV Series

Joe Gould's Secret (1999)

Spring Forward (1999)

"Snooker Report, The" (1999) TV Series

"Law & Order: Killerz" (1999) TV Series

You've Got Mail (1998)

Saint Maybe (1998) (TV)

One True Thing (1998)

"Lateline: Kids 'n Guns" (1998) TV Series

Carson's Vertical Suburbia (1998) (TV)

What the Deaf Man Heard (1997) (TV)

Lolita (1995) (V)

"Loving" (1993-1995)