Madeline Zima

Madeline Zima Photo/Image/Picture from "Hand That Rocks the Cradle"
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Madeline Zima Photo/Image/Picture 2
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Madeline Zima Child Actress,Stars Image Gallery

The Nanny Finale' (1999)

The Secret Path (1999)

Second Chances (1998)

"Chicken Soup: A Sandpiper To Bring You Joy" (1998)

"Touched By An Angel: (TV Series)
- Children of the Night (1997)

"JAG" (TV Series)
- Sightings (1996)

"Nanny, The" ( TV Series) (1993)

Set 1

Set 2

"Law & Order" (TV Series)
- Extended Family (1993)

Mr. Nanny (1993)

Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The (1992)