TV Schedule of Child Actress Appearances

Below are movies and tv shows featuring child and young actresses airing this week. List doesn't include everything. Times are based on Pacific DirecTV scheduling, check times locally. One showing of films airing multiple times are listed. Repeats of TV series are not listed. List is updated Sun.

November 17th - 24th DirecTV (Pacific)
Date Actress Title Channel Est Time
Sun 11/17 Ruby Barnhill BFG, The Freeform 6am
Sun 11/17 Drew Barrymore Firestarter Enc Suspense 9:25am
Sun 11/17 A Stoner / L Mumy / M York Cheaper by the Dozen 2 Encore Family 10:20am
Sun 11/17 Taylor Momsen / Landry Allbright How the Grinch Stole Christmas Freeform 6:20pm
Mon 11/18 Brooke Shields Wanda Nevada MGM 4am
Mon 11/18 Aria Wallace Christmas in Paradise Lifetime 5am
Mon 11/18 Grace Fulton / Cassi Thomson Our First Christmas Hallmark Movies 6am
Mon 11/18 Molly Jepson / Telise Galanis Daddy Day Camp TMC Xtra 6am
Mon 11/18 Blake Baumgartner / Sophie Guest Love the Coopers Freeform 8am
Mon 11/18 China McClain / L & S McClain Daddy's Little Girls BET 1:52pm
Mon 11/18 Scarlett Fernandez / Jophielle Love General Hospital (M-F) ABC 2pm
Mon 11/18 Rosie Taylor-Ritson / Lil Woods Nanny McPhee Returns HBO Family 2:10pm
Mon 11/18 Cailey Fleming / Yaya Gosselin Peppermint Showtime 2 2:45pm
Mon 11/18 Mara Hobel Mommie Dearest Epix 2 2:50pm
Mon 11/18 Joey King Crazy, Stupid, Love HBO Signature 4pm
Mon 11/18 Oona Laurence Bad Moms FX 5pm
Mon 11/18 Alexys Sanchez / China McClain  Grown Ups Freeform 5:30pm
Mon 11/18 Jamie Renee Smith Dante's Peak Ovation 6:30pm
Mon 11/18 Daisy Tahan Little Fockers HBO Signature 7:45pm
Mon 11/18 Alyssa Milano Commando Action Max 10:40pm
Tues 11/19 Sarah Bolger / Emma Bolger In America Starz Black 5:50am
Tues 11/19 Juliette Goglia / Justine Dorsey Grandpa for Christmas, A Hallmark Drama 8am
Tues 11/19 Melody Hollis / Kali Majors Golden Christmas, A Lifetime 9am
Tues 11/19 Dakota Fanning I Am Sam Cinemax 12:55pm
Tues 11/19 Erin Gerasimovich / Kyla SimMons Prisoners Movie Max 5pm
Tues 11/19 Dakota Fanning War of the Worlds HBO Family 7:10pm
Tues 11/19 Isabella Fink Town Without Christmas, A Hallmark Drama 8pm
Tues 11/19 Ava Kolker Insidious: The Last Key HBO Signature 8:30pm
Tues 11/19 Alexa Swinton Emergence: Fatal Exception ABC 10pm
Wed 11/20 Heather Ripley Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Starz Kids 12:59am
Wed 11/20 Jordy Benattar Fallen Angel Hallmark Drama 2am
Wed 11/20 Makenzie Moss / Ripley Sobo Steve Jobs HBO Z 3:05am
Wed 11/20 Anna Chlumsky Trading Mom Epix Hits 3:30am
Wed 11/20 K Maher / M Pettis / G Hannelius Search for Santa Paws, The HBO Comedy 4:30am
Wed 11/20 Abigail Breslin Signs HBO Signature 5:55am
Wed 11/20 Erin Pitt / Saara Chaudry American Girl: Isabelle Dances Starz Kids 8:46am
Wed 11/20 Chloe Grace Moretz Kick-Ass Epix 9:55am
Wed 11/20 Sierra McCormick Nanny for Christmas, A Lifetime 11am
Wed 11/20 Giselle Eisenberg Sex Tape FXX 12:30pm
Wed 11/20 Raquel Castro Jersey Girl HDNET 1:20pm
Wed 11/20 Saoirse Ronan / Amy & Catherine Quinn City of Ember Starz Kids 3:24pm
Wed 11/20 Ellie Botterill Crown for Christmas Hallmark 7:03pm
Wed 11/20 Thora Birch / Kim Cullum / Remy Ryan Monkey Trouble Starz Kids 8:42pm
Wed 11/20 Marlow Barkley / Ella & Mia Allan Single Parents: Every Thur ABC 9:31pm
Thur 11/21 Kirsten Prout Once Upon a Christmas Hallmark Drama 12am
Thur 11/21 Kirsten Prout Twice Upon a Christmas Hallmark Drama 2am
Thur 11/21 Grace Johnston / Mayim Bialik Beaches HBO 3am
Thur 11/21 Jaeda Lily Miller Operation Christmas Hallmark Movies 4am
Thur 11/21 Madeline Carroll When a Stranger Calls Showtime 10am
Thur 11/21 Alisan Porter / Ivyann Schwan Parenthood Encore Classic 10:14am
Thur 11/21 Emma Watson / Bonnie Wright Harry Potter: Sorcerer's Stone Syfy 11:30am
Thur 11/21 Gaby Hoffmann Uncle Buck Encore 12:47pm
Thur 11/21 Kathryn Gant / Kirsty Lindsay Sheena Sony 5pm
Thur 11/21 Mara Wilson Matilda Freeform 5:55pm
Thur 11/21 Raegan Revord Young Sheldon: The Sin of Greed CBS 8pm
Thur 11/21 Bailee Madison Cowgirls 'N Angels Encore Family 8:46pm
Thur 11/21 Crocco / Gray / Knapp / Shuck Evil: 2 Fathers CBS 10pm
Thur 11/21 Drew Barrymore E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Encore Family 10:19pm
Fri 11/22 Mara Wilson Simple Wish Starz Kids 1:58am
Fri 11/22 Flora Guiet Amelie HBO Z 3am
Fri 11/22 Julia Lalonde Catch a Christmas Star Hallmark Movies 4am
Fri 11/22 Elle Fanning / Madisen Beaty  Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The AMC 7am
Fri 11/22 Jade Pettyjohn / K Dorsey / K Roach American Girl: McKenna Shoots For Stars Starz Kids 12:21pm
Fri 11/22 Julia Butters American Housewife: Women in Business ABC 8pm
Fri 11/22 Kristen Stewart Catch That Kid Starz Kids 8:04pm
Sat 11/23 Laura Ann Kesling / Annalise Basso  Bedtime Stories TBS 7am
Sat 11/23 Morgan York Pacifier, The Freeform 9:15am
Sat 11/23 Maggie Elizabeth Jones / Storm Reid American Girl: Lea to the Rescue Starz Kids 12:26pm
Sat 11/23 London Robertson Reunited at Christmas Hallmark 1pm
Sat 11/23 Chloe Moretz Big Momma's House 2 VH1 2:30pm
Sat 11/23 Scarlett Estevez / Didi Costine Daddy's Home 2 Epix Hits 7pm
Sat 11/23 Mara Wilson / Lisa Jakub Mrs. Doubtfire Freeform 8pm
Sun 11/24 Eva Kellner / Brynne Norquist Every Secret Thing Starz Black 1:57am
Sun 11/24 Heather O'Rourke Poltergeist 2: The Other Side Epix 2 3:35am
Sun 11/24 Yara Shahidi Imagine That TV1 10:30am
Sun 11/24 Madison Wolfe / Sterling Jerins Conjuring 2, The HBO 2 7:45pm

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