Lisa Jakub
Lisa Jakub Photo/Image/Picture

Lisa Jakbu & Mara Wilson in Mrs Doubtfire
Click Above for Full-Size Image (with Mara Wilson in "Mrs. Doubtfire)

Lisa Jakub Images/Pictures Gallery

Walk on the Moon, A (1999)

Bermuda Triangle (1996)

Picture Perfect (1995)

Pig's Tale, A (1995)

Vendetta II: The New Mafia (1993)

Matinee (1993)

Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Story Lady, The (1991)

Rambling Rose (1991)

"Night Court" (TV Series)
- My Three Dads (1990)

"The Twilight Zone" (TV Series)
- Streets of Shadow (1989)

"Friday the 13th" (TV Series)
- The Playhouse (1989)

"Friday the 13th" (TV Series)
- Cup of Time (1987)

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