Tracey Gold

Tracey Gold

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"E! Celebrity Profile: Tracey Gold"

Wanted (1999)

Girl Next Door, The (1997)

Face of Evil (1996) (TV)

Kidnapping in the Family, A (1996) (TV)

Perfect Daughter, The (1996)

Beauty's Revenge (1995) (TV)

Lady Killer (1995) (TV)

Sleep, Baby, Sleep (1995) (TV)

Stolen Innocence (1995) (TV)

For the Love of Nancy (1994) (TV)

Labor of Love: The Arlette Schweitzer Story (1993) (TV)

Willies, The (1991)

"Incredible Sunday" (1988) TV Series

Dance 'Til Dawn (1988) (TV)

"Growing Pains" (1985) TV Series

Lots of Luck (1985) (TV)

Reason to Live, A (1985) (TV)

"Goodnight, Beantown" (1983) TV Series

Another Woman's Child (1983) (TV)

Thursday's Child (1983) (TV)

Who Will Love My Children? (1983)

Shoot the Moon (1982)

Beyond Witch Mountain (1982) (TV)

Few Days in Weasel Creek, A (1981) (TV)

Marilyn: The Untold Story (1980) (TV)

"Fantasy Island: Amusement Park" (1979) TV Series

"Shirley" (1979) TV Series

"Eight Is Enough: Best Of Friends" (1979) TV Series

Jennifer: A Woman's Story (1979) (TV)

Child Stealer, The (1979) (TV)

CHIPS: Drive, Lady Drive (Guest Appearance) (1979)

Incredible Journey of Dr. Meg Laurel, The (1979) (TV)

Dark Secret of Harvest Home (1978) (TV)

Little Mo (1978) (TV)

"Captains and the Kings" (1976) (mini) TV Series